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Australian scientists just set a new solar power efficiency record

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Scientists at the Australian National University have set a world record for efficiency for a solar thermal dish generating steam for power stations.

The team halved energy losses and achieved a 97 percent conversion of sunlight into steam through a new receiver for a solar concentrator dish. This beats commercial systems by about seven percentage points.


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Types of Outdoor LED Lights for Homes

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This kind of lighting is known for being vitality productive, dependable, and brilliant. This is the reason numerous property holders use LED lights for homes both inside and outside use. Since they don’t require much vitality to function admirably they are particularly useful in sun powered lighting. What’s more, on the grounds that the knob is so brilliant they additionally function admirably with security lights. The globule can likewise give light to any back or front yard. They can be utilized on a deck, in the pool, or in the greenhouse. Numerous mortgage holders use LED lights for homes to brighten their yards with strings of these lights for extraordinary occasions or amid the occasions.

A standout amongst the most well known types of open air lighting is sun powered lights. The reasons are that numerous property holders need to keep their yard lit up while sparing cash and power. You can utilize these lights in sun oriented light apparatuses that are put along the edges of the yard or garden or along walkways or pathways. This will permit your guests to see your well-kept yard or extraordinary bloom plant or to see where they are strolling. Utilizing LED lights for homes will spare the property holder a considerable measure of cash on globules that should be supplanted regularly and takes a great deal of vitality.

On the off chance that you have a security light outside you need them to be enduring and splendid. Ordinarily a property holder will join a LED knob with a security light that has a movement sensor so the light just turns on when somebody approaches. At the point when utilizing this mix it will guarantee that the LED knob keeps going quite a while. Property holders can discover numerous utilizations for open air LED lights for homes. They can utilize them with beautifying light to flaunt appealing elements like statues, a little bloom garden, trees, or plants. In the event that they have a pool they can put this kind of knob in the pool’s light installation so they can see when they are swimming around evening time. In the event that you have a deck utilizing LED lights will give them a chance to enliven around evening time and not need to utilize a bigger light apparatus that utilizations more vitality. Lights for the deck can even be incorporated with the surface and give the lights a streamlined look.

There are some that finish their yard with beautifying lights and abandon them there year round however just utilize them incidentally. One case of this is occasion lights that utilization LED globules. On the off chance that they are set in difficult to achieve places they can stay there year round and just be utilized at Christmas. These LED lights for homes arrive in an assortment of hues, including white as it were.

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Europeans Using Solar Power To Transform Urine Into Beer

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For the second year in a row, a team of researchers at Belgium’s Ghent University is collecting urine at one of Europe’s largest festivals, Roskilde. The researchers are hoping that by the time next year’s festival rolls around, one of the country’s breweries should have plenty of recycled urine beer to pour out for adventurous drinkers. The first time around, researchers say the goal was to extract nutrients that could be used as fertilizer. According to an article last summer, more than 25,000 liters of urine were collected and the fertilizer that was produced from it provided nourishment to a barley crop. This year, the researchers were after another critical beer ingredient: water.


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Solar Impulse completes historic round-the-world trip

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A solar powered plane has landed in Abu Dhabi, completing a historic round-the-world trip with stops in India, Asia, Europe and North America.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for 15 years,” said Solar Impulse chairman and pilot, Bertrand Piccard, in an impromptu speech on the tarmac shortly after landing.

“We should never accept the world to be polluted only because people are scared to think another way,” Piccard said.

The pre-dawn landing Tuesday by pilot Bertrand Piccard marks the end of an epic 25,000-mile (40,000-kilometer) journey. The plane made 16 stops, including in India, China, the U.S., Italy, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates — where it first took off.

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UK firm powers 49,000 homes through solar energy in Nigeria

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The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, UKAID, in a bid to increase electricity supply in Nigeria, has provided solar energy to 49,000 homes within the Nation.

According to the agency in charge of the programme in Nigeria ‘SolarNigeria’, the funds from the UK DFID will be used to scale the market for solar home lighting and power across the Nigeria through to 2020.

This initiative is considered as an innovative programme that will help solar suppliers and financiers in Nigeria to scale up and allow households to access this equipment on full commercial terms. It has also approved additional N4, 75 billion for the programme to help scale the market for solar home lighting and power in Nigeria through to 2020.

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The Advantages Of Solar LED Lights

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Supplanting your energy source and picking vitality lessening lighting choices can have an immense effect to your expenses and even offer you solid lighting particularly for your open air needs. There are such a large number of lighting options and sunlight based LED lights are a portion of as well as can be expected pick. This is on the grounds that they are financially savvy, as well as don’t require an excess of vitality to serve your necessities. Sun based LED lights use assets at an abnormal state, making them exceptionally useful when utilized as a part of various sources. You remain to appreciate various advantages when you select these lights for your utilization and they incorporate the accompanying.

1. Driven enlightenments are more viable

This is on account of the lights produce directional light bars superior to anything fluorescents. The lights likewise have low lumen yield appraisals making them perfect alternatives for open air light applications. Their aspect makes them very dependable notwithstanding amid dim sky days.

2. Sun powered LED lights have upgraded effectiveness

LEDs and sun powered cells share loads of attributes like they both require adjusting and sorting for execution to be upgraded. Sun powered LED lights need to adjust resistors since they are all around designed. They enhance light levels and current streams and this enormously enhances the general framework effectiveness.

3. They can be calibrated to address client issues

They are programmable and can be calibrated not at all like their ordinary lighting partners. They won’t just convey the light where it is required, however will likewise convey at once and levels that are required. This has diminished the sun oriented board size furthermore the battery limit by a colossal rate. You can choose a lighting profile that works for your application. You can likewise have custom profiles introduced to coordinate your undertaking nature and size when utilizing sun based LED lights.

4. You will appreciate developed battery runtime

Most galaxies today have tended to battery drops that are normal with the frameworks. When you pick a sunlight based LED light that is deliberately organized, you will appreciate highlights tending to framework cost, siting issues and board size to ensure that your definite needs are fulfilled. At the point when the framework operation is guided by the precise needs, you have nearby, then you can make certain to appreciate expanded run time of the battery making them entirely dependable.

5. You show signs of improvement execution even in icy climate

Sun powered LED lights and sunlight based cells offer enhanced execution, effectiveness and even lifetime administration amid colder temperatures, making them profitable contrasted with other light sorts whose lifetime and execution drop amid colder atmospheres like DC fluorescent. A sun based LED light can last up to ten times longer as DC fluorescent in these frosty situations making it more dependable.

Sun powered LED lights come in various styles and outlines and in addition sizes, making it workable for you to pick the lights that are most suited for your open air needs. It begins by considering the lighting prerequisites you have in your space before then selecting the best lights.

Sun based LED lights are unquestionably worthwhile yet you should likewise guarantee that you get your lights from dependable sources to appreciate all the advantages.

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Could Libya become the world’s solar power leader?

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Another study by Nottingham Trent University recommends Libya may deliver very nearly seven times more power from sun oriented vitality than oil every day.

Libya is situated in North Africa along the Tropic of Cancer. This area gives abundant daylight for the duration of the day. Libya’s atmosphere incorporate couple of shady days, further expanding their potential sunlight based yield if created.

As of now, Libya produces 1.4 million barrels of oil for every day. The study gauges Libya could create what might as well be called 7 million barrels of oil for every day by creating 0.01 percent of the desert scene into a sun based homestead.

On the off chance that appropriately saddled, Libya could turn into a worldwide pioneer in sun oriented force generation, trading power to different countries. Interest in sun based innovation and force plants today could push Libya towards a vitality future no more subject to fossil powers. Such advance could turn into a case to other creating countries.

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3 Types of PV Inverters

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PV inverters (additionally called sunlight based inverters) are intended to change over direct present (DC) into exchanging current (AC). There are three noteworthy sorts of PV inverters however each assumes a comparative part of exchanging a charge to power utility frameworks and home machines. One negative of the inverters is the much shorter lifespan contrasted with the genuine sunlight based boards. This implies it is important to introduce another inverter when expected to guarantee the nearby planetary group can keep running at full limit.

Here are the 3 sorts of PV inverters:

Remain solitary

The remain solitary inverters are an autonomous bit of hardware since it doesn’t should be associated specifically to the sunlight based board setup. This sort of inverter can draw its wellspring of force from one or more batteries which are energized through a sun powered driving unit or option vitality sources, for example, wind turbines, hydro turbines, or motor generators. A noteworthy positive about this remain solitary framework is not being influenced by power cuts since it is totally separate from the principle control matrix.

This kind of inverter is more down to earth for the off-framework sun powered cluster units. A reasonable use for these inverters is the versatile sun powered chargers that are utilized for water pumps, phones, tablets, and auto batteries. Additionally, this setup is likewise favored by those that desire to live in remote ranges that aren’t adjusted by the vitality organizations.

Network Tie

The network tie inverter is the right decision in circumstances where the home sun based establishment is associated specifically to the nearby power lattice. This kind of inverter is the favored decision for property proprietors that desire to profit by net metering and the most mainstream in urban ranges since it is more financially savvy to introduce because of not requiring a different battery. Also, this setup should be associated with the home electric meter to ensure the electric organization knows about the aggregate sum of vitality that you have possessed the capacity to deliver.

Battery Backup

The battery reinforcement inverters are favored on the multi-practical sun powered setups and any of direct current delivered gets sent first to a battery. The put away power in the battery is then gone to the inverter that can change over the vitality into the favored current. Additionally, once the battery is completely charged the overabundance coordinate current is put away and went to the neighborhood network. This kind of inverter is by and large a mix of the remain solitary and network tie framework and is a very solid alternative that can possibly create cash on account of the measure of vitality went to the neighborhood control lattice.

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World’s First Solar Powered Airport

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The southern city of Kochi is now the proud home of the first airport in the world solar energy.

On August 18, the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) -India international largest in terms of passenger traffic to any ordered 12 megawatts (MW) of solar projects fourth airport. The airport already had a solar power plant of 1 MW, which can produce 4000 units of electricity per day.

With its new solar power station, the airport can now produce 60,000 units of electricity per day, which is more than enough to meet their daily needs.

“We initiated a pilot project in February 2013 as part of our plan to shift to renewable energy by setting up a 100 kilo watt unit,” VJ Kurian, managing director of CIAL told Quartz in a telephone interview. “When we found that feasible, we set up a 1MW unit in November 2013.”

“We did not want to be identified as just another airport and be confined to it,” Kurian added.

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DOE to spend $7 million on North Alaska solar power, where it’s dark 24/7 all winter

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The Department of Energy reported Monday that it will give $7 million dollars in specialized backing for sun oriented force boards for Native Alaskan tribes that might be helpful for a large portion of the year. That is on the grounds that these sun based boards are in the most distant north of the state, where it’s dull every minute of every day amid the winter:

The parts of Alaska where the DOE intends to spend the cash have nearly 24 hours of darkness in the winter, which is precisely when Alaskans need the most electricity. Alaska has nearly 24 hours of sunlight during the summer, but that’s when demand for power is at its lowest point as there’s no need to crank up the heat. Alaska’s harsh winters make the state’s per capita energy consumption the third highest in the nation.

The villages which will receive the cash influx don’t actually have much demand for power and are currently reliant upon diesel generators.

At the end of the day, the sun oriented boards will be futile when Alaskans need control the most. Be that as it may, they’ll work fabulously when force isn’t required.

Moreover, while northern Alaska has a huge measure of sun based force potential, as per a DOE study the sun powered boards will require diesel generators as reinforcement in the winter. Also, the study doesn’t analyze whether the system will spare Native Alaskan tribes cash or if the examination would even be monetarily practical.

Sounds like an incredible thought!

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