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New Solar Plant In Chile To Power 13,000 Homes Per Year

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Chile is building a brand new solar power plant that has some exciting outcome on the future. The plant is expected to provide energy on day and night as well as throughout inclement weather, to power up to 13,000 homes annually. This project will make Chile one of the top solar energy spots in the world.

It is a clear sign that energy storage on large scale projects is developing further with a range of large batteries networks being developed this year within California and Australia. Clean energy expects truly value the energy storage industry and expect it to become even more significant as further renewable energy sites are constructed worldwide.


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How to Robot-Proof Your Job as a Content Creator

Artificial intelligence is all around us. As I shared in Content Creation Robots Are Here, billions of AI-created pieces of content are published yearly.
What does this mean for humans who create content? Are

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Hurricane Harvey rainfall 'weighed 127bn tonnes'

Scientists established how much rain fell by measuring how much the Earth compressed during the storm.

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